Olga Demyanova's Video Tutorial Felted Cat House

This cat house is a must have! Olga has a line of customers waiting to get this cute and cozy home for their pets. And it’s not an exaggeration.

Etsy.com has sold about 1000 felted cat houses all over the world!!!

Indulge your pet with a warm and cozy domicile, and who knows… it might turn into your small business as well.

Olga’s masterclass will enable you to make a felted cave of any shape and décor.

Felted Cat House
Olga’s tutorial includes:

— pattern calculation;
— kinds of wool, ways of felting;
— how to make a 3D item on a flat pattern;
— how to avoid seams and creases;
— wool and textile: best combinations;
— and more…

Before felting a cave house or a cat bed, it’s good to know if your pet likes to sleep in an open space or hides somewhere for a nap…
Keep in mind that wool is not a heater itself, but it keeps the warmth inside really well. That’s to say, if the cat house is rather big, your cat might not feel at home there.
Best sizes according to Olga’s customers are S (35 cm at the bottom), М (40cm) and L (45 cm). The weight is about 450-550 gr (more décor adds to the weight). And an XL (55cm at the bottom), which takes at least 600 gr of wool.

Cat houses made by Olga’s students

More about this tutorial.
Detailed 3-hour multicam video contains 14 chapters.

1. Introduction
2. Making a template. Felting the tail
3. Laying the wool
4. Rubbing the wool
5. Felting with a sander
6. Making the ears
7. Felting in a roll
8. Preparing fabrics for decoration
9. Decorating the cat house
10. Felting. Part 2
11. Felting. Part 3
12. Making a shape
13. Decorating the felted cat house
14. Making a cat bed

What you need for a felted cat house:
500gr corridale carded wool
Extra wool for décor (ears and nose)
2 38-size star needles, sponge
Polyethylene gloves
Vibro sander
IKEA polyethylene kitchen or a bamboo mat
120Х120 bubble wrap
Mosquito net
Textile for décor
A piece of polyethylene foam for an interlayer between the pattern and the wool
A towel