Olga Kazanskaya Video tutorial “Botanical dyeing. Mixed techniques”.

Interest for ecoprint and mixed techniques on fabric? Welcome to Olga Kazanskaya’s videotutorial, your comprehensive guide to botanical dyeing.

How to get good prints and add color to botanical imprints with natural and/or synthetic dyes? Follow Olga’s complete series (Parts 1-7) of dyeing fundamentals, with step-by-step tutorials for mordanting and dyeing techniques.

Olga demystifies the basic dyer terminology. What is scouring and mordanting, what is the difference between mordant and modyfier? What is soluble indigo and how to combine indigo and ecoprint? What is organic mordanting? How can you add depth to your images using classical techniques (free-hand painting, block printing and screen printing)? The 2,5 h video and 22-page tutorial with photos, schemes and recipes.

The videotutorial consists of 7 parts

  • Part 1. Introduction. Classification of plants. Principles. Plants and their pigments. Some rules of thumb for choice of plants.
  • Part 2. Some basic rules and recipes. Fabric. Types of fibers Scouring. Mordants.
  • Part 3. How to add color to ecoprint?
  • Part 4. Step-by-step instruction: dyeing silk scarf using mediumprint technique.
  • Part 5. Dyeing 3 D objects: Silk Long Sleeve Top and felted coat.
  • Part 6. Natural dyes; mordating with alum or natural mordating with tannins. Indigo.
  • Part 7. Finish. Painting and screen-printing and block printing with natural and synthetic dyes.