Elena Talikova's Videotutorial Felted Lampshades

Elena Talikova is a russian interior design artist, working predominately with wool felting techniques. Her artworks, inspired by highly stylised organic forms, are fascinating. Her enchanting lamps and illuminated sculptures make a big impact visually and emotionally in any space they inhabit that make them very popular in Russia and abroad.

Elena Talikova: “I invite you to attend my videotutorial “Felted Lampshades: Composite Templates”.

I will guide you step-by-step through my working process, from design and constructing the template to mounting the electric equipment.

I am working with 3D composite templates (“book templates”). Using such templates, you can create not only lampshades and other sculptures, but also bags and fascinating hats.

I am working with the felting wool as  a sculptor works with clay and I will show you that the creative possibilities are really endless. You can work practically free-hand, developing the shape in process of work, on the spot. Using the same template, you can create a variety of objects. Resist techniques together with color decisions and embellishment techniques like embroidery give you really indefinite possibilities.

I will give you some troubleshooting and discuss some examples when mistakes led to inventions.

The videotutorial consists of 9 parts

  • Introduction: Designing and constructing the template.
  • Laying out the wool
  • Color effects
  • 3D surface design. Resists I
  • 3D surface design. Resists II
  • Felting with the electric sander
  • Felting and fulling. Removing the template and resists
  • Shaping and stiffening
  • Electric equipement.