Svetlana Vronskaja's Videotutorial Felted Vest

We are pleased to present you a new video tutorial "Felted Vest" by Svetlana Vronskaja

Textile artist from Tallinn Svetlana Vronskaja creates astonishing works using nunofelting technique. Her “elf” vests and jackets, elegant shawls and dresses are well-known beyond Estonia.

What a texture!

Svetlana’s nunofelted vests are some of her most impressive works, each being a one of a kind creation.

Learn from an experienced felt artist and get inspired by watching Svetlana in action. Her working process looks almost like a dance. Whether you make felting for fun or professionally, learn the skills and tools you need to master nunofelting - from choosing materials, constructing patterns, design, layouts to felting and shaping.

The videotutorial consists of 17 parts

  • Part 1: Svetlana Vronskaya talking about herself, about Tallinn and nunofelting.
  • Part 2: Templates/patterns.
  • Part 3: Laying out the wool: diagrams.
  • Part 4: Laying out the wool: Layer 1
  • Part 5: Laying out the wool: Layer 2
  • Part 6: Working with fabric.
  • Part 7: Decorative element: combs, Svetlana’s techniques of dyeing silk.
  • Part 8: Decorative element: “crater”.
  • Part 9: Decorative element: rose.
  • Part 10: Decorative element: rope and yarn décor.
  • Part 11: Felting with the electric sander (higly recommended).
  • Part 12: Mandarin collar.
  • Part 13: Connecting the parts.
  • Part 14: Hand-felting.
  • Part 15: Rolling.
  • Part 16: Shaping.
  • Part 17: Finishing. Working with décor elements.