Felted vest by Svetlana Vronskaja
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We are pleased to present you a new video tutorial "Felted Vest" by Svetlana Vronskaja. Textile artist from Tallinn Svetlana Vronskaja creates astonishing works using nunofelting technique. Her "elf" vests and jackets, elegant shawls and dresses are well-known beyond Estonia.
Svetlana's nunofelted vests are some of her most impressive works, each being a one of a kind creation.

Learn from an experienced felt artist and get inspired by watching Svetlana in action. Her working process looks almost like a dance. Whether you make felting for fun or professionally, learn the skills and tools you need to master nunofelting - from choosing materials, constructing patterns, design, layouts to felting and shaping.
The videotutorial consists of 17 parts
Part 1: Svetlana Vronskaya talking about herself, about Tallinn and nunofelting.
About the author of the tutorial
Svetlana Vronskaja
Svetlana Vronskaya is from Tallinn, Estonia. She studied textile design at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and her life is still connected with her alma mater.
Svetlana's way to felting began in the Academy, during a workshop, which seemed too "crafty" to her at that time. Svetlana tried some different directions in applied arts, in particular she worked a lot with leather. Surprisingly, she came back to felting. She started completely autodidactic, she worked alone for a couple of years and developed her own style. How did Svetlana come to felted garments? She was on maternity leave, but as a very active person she could not sit idle and started experiments with wool. Her first works were made for her little son and other kids (Svetlana has a big family, with a lot of nephews) and they were done in a fairy-tale style.
Svetlana started to teach nuno felting with focus on surface design. At that time, she already had two years of experience in nuno, having made a thousand shawls for Tallinn art markets. Svetlana has reached incredible virtuosity in nuno felting and then tried her hand in other techniques. This way, she created her stunning "Synthesis" collection. This is a very innovative combination of felt, knitting and embroidery.

Svetlana made several collections for kids: dozens of cutest sweatshirts, jackets, skirts decorated with embroidery. Her little sons (in the meantime she has two sons) and her friends' kids wear them in everyday life, not only during photo sessions. We are impatiently waiting for her video tutorial about kid's wear. Svetlana Vronskaja will certainly have some surprises for us in the near future.
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"Felted vest" video tutorial by Svetlana Vronskaja
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