Hand felted hat by Iryna Spasskaya
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We are pleased to present a new video tutorial "Hand felted hat: Double brim technology by Iryna Spasskaya"

Irina Spasskaya is known for her elegant hand-felted hats. She enjoys developing new design ideas and novel approaches to materials and technique. Irina has numerous students in many countries.
This videotutorial (the first of a three-part series) presents Spasskaya's original technology for making hand-felted hats. It contains the complete knowledge about laying out the wool, felting and fulling and step-by-step video instruction for making a hat. Irina shows the shaping of 3 models in this tutorial.
Spasskaya style hand-felted hats, made from wool tops, are much lighter and softer and more comfortable to wear than rabbit hair hats. Fibers which are used are much longer and they build a regular 3D grid due to special layout. The hats retain their shape without a stiffener, they can be folded, and they take their original shape again. Why "double brim"? Irina makes an almost spherical felted hat body and then forms a hat, so that the brim consists of two layers of felt. This way, it is very easy to make a perfect brim edge. These hats can be either classic or totally extravagant.

You will need: wool tops 18 mkm, plastic sheeting for the underlay and for the template, mosquito net, soap, hat block for shaping. Irina recommends to use the electric sander at the very beginning of the felting process.
Plan of the videotutorial:
Part 1: Introduction; Theory. Wool. Constructing the template.
Part 2: Laying out the first side. Secrets of thin and homogenous layouts.
Part 3: Laying out the second side.
Part 4: Felting: working with the electric sander.
Part 5: Felting and fulling.
Part 6: Shaping on a hat block (wooden head).
About the author of the tutorial
Iryna Spasskaya
Irina Spasskaya is one of the most well-known Russian felt makers. She teaches a lot and has already thousands of students. Irina Spasskaya works a lot as a fashion designer, making luxury one of a kind hats.
She studied classical music and worked for more than twenty years as a music teacher in high school. Then she switched to fashion design and became a professional also in this field. During this time, Irina has acquired an interest and love to felting. She created an innovative technology of making felted hats. Her hats are extra-light (50 gram) and completely seamless. Moreover, she does not cut the felt at all, forming the complex shape by special layout. Irina regularly takes part in exhibitions and online shows.

She takes part in the most prestigious exhibitions in Russia (for example "New life of the tradition" in Sankt Petersburg).
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