Hats with a visor. 3 in 1:
cap, jockey cap, cap with flaps
Katya Vetrova's felting video tutorial: 50€

Based on the course materials, you will learn how to make 3 types of hats: cap, jockey cap, cap with flaps. You will make caps for women, men or children.

The video shows in detail the process of making templates, laying out, felting and shaping. The course is suitable for both beginners and experienced felters.
What's in the master class?
The course contains a basic algorithm for creating hats, by studying which you will create many different designer models.
  • 1
    Materials and tools
    You will find out what materials and accessories are required to work with the hats.
  • 2
    Making a template
    We will build a template for a jockey cap and a template for a cap/cap with flaps according to your measurements.
  • 3
    Making visors
    You will learn how you can create double and single visors on headdresses using different templates.
  • 4
    Wool layout
    Learn to thinly and evenly lay out the wool, to form an even edge of the product, make a multi-color layout and decorate a hat with viscose fibers.
  • 5
    Learn different techniques for making smooth and dense felt.
  • 6
    We will take a very detailed look at the process of shaping the headgear.
  • 7
    Different models
    Katya will share her secrets on shaping a visor and folds, modeling different shapes from one hat block.
  • 8
    Final processing and decor
    From the course you will learn how to finish the product and adjust pompons accessories on it.
  • 9
    Important note!
    If you don't have a hat block, Katya shows how to shape the headgear on a regular rubber ball. She also shows how to felt both with and without vibrating sander.
Student's works
About the author of the tutorial
Katya Vetrova
Katya Vetrova is a felting master from Moscow, Russia. She has a big teaching experience - she teaches in universities, schools, provides master classes and creates online video tutorials.
Katya has been working with wool for over 10 years. Her love is hats and accessories. She noticed long ago that felting wool is an art therapy. She believes that each master class is a life in miniature. It can be difficult, sometimes something doesn't work out, but patience and teacher's assistance win!

Katya invites you to learn felting and discover a new wonderful world of creativity.
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"Hats with a visor. 3 in 1" video tutorial by Katya Vetrova

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This tutorial is

  • Dubbed in English language
  • Has English subtitles
  • Duration: 2 h 5 min