Mini cape. 3 styles – 1 pattern
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Alisa Bordo is a felt textile artist living in Mannheim, South Germany.
For almost 15 years she has been creating felted accessories. In this tutorial, she will show you some of her favorite felting techniques and strategies.

Mini cape is a kind of a seamless collar, but different from a snood, cape or a poncho. Mini cape can be worn over a coat or jacket, or separately, as a neck and shoulder warmer for the office or classroom.
In this video Alisa will show you step-by-step creation of three models: winter, demi-season, and lightweight mini cape. All three models are made on one template.

In this course Alisa will explain:

- choice of materials, there are many options
- construction of a custom pattern using individual measurements
- techniques of felting and fulling, that provide elastic and beautiful felt
- principles of design, the placement of decor, choice of colors
She has been nominated for an Academy Award, two Grammy Awards, and the Mercury Prize
The course is suitable for beginners, especially for those who have some experience in felting scarves and would like to move on to 3D felting using a template.

Customers who purchased the course are invited to the private Facebook group, where Alisa will answer questions and share ideas.
Content of the tutorial:
Part 1. Introduction
Part 2. Materials and tools
    Part 3. Making a custom template
      Part 4. Demi seasonal model. Laying out wool and viscose
      Part 5. Creating decorative layer for demi-seasonal model
      Part 6. Winter model. Layout
      Part 7. Winter model. Laying out the decor
      Part 8. Winter model. Felting
      Part 9. Lightweight model
      About the author of the tutorial
      Alisa Bordo
      I am Alisa Bordo – this name represents me as an artist. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, I now live in Mannheim, Germany. My passion is to create beautiful one-of-a-kind accessories that emphasize the style and personality of their owner.
      "I love the vintage feel of shabby chic, the elegance of the baroque, and the austere beauty of the ethnic. I am not willing to give any of it up: I love to mix silk roses with coarse felts and bits of lace. My pieces are sometimes hauntingly monochromatic; at other times they are bursting with colors.

      I am surrounded by the world of glorious diversity. I see it all, appreciate it all and recreate this diversity in my works.

      My designs can be described as the finishing touches, they complete an image and make it whole".

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