The secret of traditional Kyrgyz felting. Making scarves in Shyrdak technique
Kamala Abdykadyrova's felting video tutorial: 30€

In this master-class you will learn how to felt an ethnic scarf in an ornamental technique created by Kyrgyz nomads many centuries ago.

In this video you can see the final result of the master-class. You will felt 2 different scarves - both in traditional Kyrgyz felting technique.

You will need wool and silk, soap, a bottle of water,
a bamboo mat and scissors.

People didn't use felting machines or sanders in the past, everything was made by hand and it still is in Kyrgyzstan! In the next video you can see the process of felting beautiful ethnic Shyrdak or Ala-kyiz carpets.
Kamala Abdykadyrova's video tutorial
Making scarves in Shyrdak technique
The secret of traditional Kyrgyz felting.
Kamala Abdykadyrova's presentation and archive video of Kyrgyz traditional felting

Traditional felt carpets are one of the foremost arts of the Kyrgyz people and an integral part of their cultural heritage.

The Kyrgyz traditionally produce two types of felt carpets: Ala-kiyiz and Shyrdaks. Knowledge, skills, diversity, the semantics of ornamentation, and the ceremonies of creating carpets are all important cultural components, providing Kyrgyz people with a sense of identity and continuity.
In this master class you will learn:
How to prepare the wool to make a prefelt.
How to make the thin wool layout
Traditional felting techniques
Details of working in ornamental technique
You can widely use all the knowledge gained while felting these scarves in creating unique products with your own patterns!
Traditional Kyrgyz felting
Subbed video tutorial by Kyrgyz feltmaker Kamala Abdykadyrova

Making an Ala Kiyiz free felting tutorial

People in Central Asia have been working with wool since ancient times. And the most wonderful thing about it - their traditions are not lost! Even though it is really hard to make: you can't felt a Shyrdak or Ala Kiyiz - textile floor (or wall) covering on your own; it can only be made by a group of people. Don't forget to turn on the subtitles!
About the author of the tutorial
Kamala Abdykadyrova
Professional feltmaker, fashion designer and a business entrepreneur
Kamala started felting in 2008. Together with her mother and sister, she made felt scarves. Her works started to appear all around Europe on different exhibitions and soon were awarded with UNESCO quality certificates. Kamala was also working on a poverty reduction project in the Kyrgyz Republic. She helped women to establish their own production through the processing and release of products from sheep's wool. In 2015, Kamala moved to Hungary, where she teaches felting and continues her work as a fashion designer.
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