Silver of the Autumn
Marina Zhuravleva's botanical printing video tutorial: €55

Botanical or floral style print technique is incredibly simple, and at the same time allows you to create beautiful products with a beautiful effect.
Best of all, absolutely no mordants are needed! Only dyes and fabrics!

Learn how to make such prints with leaves on silver-gray silk scarf.

Marina Zhuravleva invites everyone to a master class on botanical and floral prints! The technique is very simple because you only need fabric, leaves and a single dye.

This method is very easy and in addition to the fact that you can dye silk scarfs, it's also wonderful to use on felted products like tops and dresses, or your other felted products!

Botanic print tutorial by Marina Zhuravleva. Dyeing silk and felt!
First lesson of Marina Zhuravleva's video tutorial.
What's in the video tutorial?
Tutorial is suitable for experienced craftsmen who want to gain new experience and try out different leaves and for those who take their first steps in dyeing. As a result of the course you will make a wonderful gift for yourself or your loved ones and learn:

- what dyes to use

- how to create a multi-tone background

- which leaves and parts of plants are best used in the presented techniques

- how to prepare leaves for dyeing

- how to prepare the fabric

- how to fix dyes on fabric
Botanic print tutorial by Marina Zhuravleva. Dyeing silk and felt!
First lesson of Marina Zhuravleva's video tutorial.

The first lesson of the course is an overview of tools and materials (you will get a more detailed explanation in the master class), leaves collecting and preserving. We will talk about which leaves you can use and which leaves are best suited for my techniques.

You can watch it right here!
Bonus - Twilly scarf
A Twilly is a long and narrow scarf, which is composed of silk. The term Twilly is derived from the word "twill" which refers to the weaving technique employed to create delicately draped fabrics.

It's an amazing piece to use as a neck or hand scarf, accessory for your bag!

You will make it from a narrow leftover piece, getting 2 products - a scarf and a beautiful twilly!

About the author of the tutorial
Marina Zhuravleva
Professional feltmaker with more than 12 years of felting experience.
"I prefer thin felt, smooth edges, concise lines and colors. Lately, I have become interested in the volumes and shapes of clothing details, the texture of fabric, and the search for combinations of different materials and techniques. I dye finished products and fabrics in my "Botanical print" technique".

Been actively teaching since 2015 and taught more than 2 thousand students.
How do I get the tutorial?

"Silver of the Autumn" video tutorial by Marina Zhuravleva

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This tutorial is

  • Dubbed in English language
  • Has English subtitles
  • Duration: 2 hours