Feather scarf
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In this video tutorial you will see the process of felting a feather shaped scarf. It has a beautiful viscose fiber decor, which makes the scarf very plastic and flowing.

You will learn a technique of working with viscose fibers and a neat layout method. Katerina will show you some special techniques for felting textured felt. With the help of Katerina's detailed explanations and tips, you can repeat her designs or implement your own ideas, using the acquired knowledge.

This course was created for those who begin their journey in felting and want to learn how to create high-quality accessories. Experienced feltmakers will also find this course interesting, as they can try new felting methods with well-known materials.
Necessary materials:

Merino wool (carded or tops) 16-19 microns - 40 g

Viscose fibers (2 colors) - 200 g

Required tools:
A piece of bubble wrap, 0.5 x 3 m (20 x 120 inches)
Electric sander / piece of medium-weight synthetic netting
Water spray bottle
Dishwashing liquid and a bar soap
About the author of the tutorial
Katerina Korshun
Katerina lives in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic. Felting is both a job and a hobby for her, as Katerina is a professional fashion designer.
Katerina has been engaged in felting since 2009.

First thing she made from felt was a flower that looked like a tiger lily. She was mesmerized by wool and felt. Then Katerina realized that she had found her way.

"I started to study felting: techniques and tricks. 11 years ago, the art of felting was not that much popular and any information was worth its weight in gold. I started with the simplest things."

Soon Katerina mastered scarves, took part in several art exhibitions and started teaching. Her master classes are very popular in Czech Republic as well as among the Russian language speaking feltmakers.
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"Feather scarf" video tutorial by Katerina Korshun

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