Openwork silver snood
Martha Dorofeeva's felting video tutorial: 0€

Felt a beautiful infinite snood from viscose and minimum amount of wool.

What makes wet felting easy? You will learn how to felt WITHOUT a sander! You won't need a huge workspace and only a few tools. Not only you get a great tutorial with a new technique from Martha, but get the ability to test how our students personal account looks and works!
To create an infinite snood, you will need:

- 30-50 g of viscose fibers

- 20-40 g Merino wool (18-21 micron)

Garbage bags, soap, ball brause or bottle, water and wine vinegar.

You will receive a detailed video of the entire process of laying out and felting.
About the author of the tutorial
Marta Dorofeeva
Marta Dorofeeva is a professional feltmaker with more than 10 years of felting experience.
She is a happy mother of three, already a grandma. She started her career as a mechanical engineer of film equipment, but soon became an artist. Now her products are sold in stores of Barcelona and in the Gallery of Girona. She participates in exhibitions of local Spanish artists.

She teaches felting to small children at school, organizes workshops for Spanish women, and via Skype - for women from all over the world. Martha loves experimenting with wool and enjoys testing everything herself. She says, she's in a constant search of making the process of felting easier.
How do I get the tutorial?

"Openwork silver snood" video tutorial by Martha Dorofeeva

Downloading links are sent to you automatically after ordering and sometimes get to the Spam folder. If you didn't recieve the link, contact us through the contact form on the bottom of the page or send us an email to

Once you've downloaded the course, it is yours forever, we don't have any time limits for completing the course. And we will be happy to get your feedback!

This tutorial is

  • Dubbed in English language
  • Has English subtitles
  • Duration: 15 min

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