Graphic textures
Svetlana Vronskaja's felting video tutorial: 50€

Felting school online invites you to a new course by Svetlana Vronskaja.

Recently Svetlana has launched her own clothing brand and presented her new collection "RETURN" in Moscow. She came up with "Graphic textures" technique while working on her clothing collection.

Svetlana Vronskaja:
When creating this technique, I was guided by two principles:
Firstly, according to the idea, the collection was supposed to be monochrome - I needed delicate-accent things that did not stand out in color. The goal was to create a voluminous, accent-textured surface of the canvas, while preserving the movable plastic of the product.

Secondly, when I came up with this technique, I wanted to strengthen the overall direction of the brand, which manifests itself in an ethical attitude towards nature, environmental friendliness of production, sustainable fashion. In this technique, most of the materials are recycled.

In this video course, we will primarily focus on learning the technique. I will show it in detail on the example of several products, but my great desire is to give you a tool with which, in the future, you will be able to come up with your own unique designs.

This video course will be interesting and useful for both beginners and more experienced felt makers, since the technique is universal and combines well with other types of felted canvas.
Graphic textures
Video tutorial announcement by Svetlana Vronskaja
What's in the master class?
Detailed analysis of the creation of 3 products: vest, asymmetrical coat and collar.
Overview of suitable tools and materials.
Making a template.
3 stages of making the layout.
Fulling and felting.
Final processing and bringing our product to perfection.
Private group on Facebook with master's live broadcasts, communication and support!
It is better to start working with this technique on a small product - an elegant collar.
About the author of the tutorial
Svetlana Vronskaja
Svetlana Vronskaja is from Tallinn, Estonia. She studied textile design at the Estonian Academy of Arts, and her life is still connected with her alma mater.
Svetlana's way to felting began in the Academy, during a workshop, which seemed too "crafty" to her at that time. Svetlana tried some different directions in applied arts, in particular she worked a lot with leather. Surprisingly, she came back to felting. She worked alone for a couple of years and developed her own style. How did Svetlana come to felted garments? She was on maternity leave, but as a very active person she could not sit idle and started experiments with wool. Today, Svetlana is an owner of her own designer brand "Vronski".
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"Graphic textures" video tutorial by Svetlana Vronskaja

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