Italian boucle. Top. Jumper
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Products made using the Italian boucle technique do not look like felted ones, and their plasticity resembles knitted things. You want to examine and feel the texture in order to understand how is it done!

Cozy and comfortable top, wear it with jeans or classic trousers, as an unusual vest over a shirt. Or create a soft jumper for a cool evening.
The first lesson of the course is dedicated to creating templates and is open to everyone. We will make simple top and jumper patterns, so that each participant can take measurements and make a template for their future clothes.

Fist lesson consists of 4 parts:

How to create a pattern from your own sweater
Taking measurements for a sweater
Create a template for a top
Create a template for a jumper

You can watch it right here!
Felting a top and a jumper. Creating templates
First lesson of Katerina Korshun's felting video tutorial.
As for the second lesson, we will create a top. You will see all the stages of an interesting layout technique, learn how to get a textured and plastic canvas. The proportions of materials and the sequence of work are important here. You will also learn how to felt such a clother so that they fit you well.

The third lesson will be devoted to felting a jumper. There are some features in working on a product with sleeves. We will consider all the nuances and discuss the issues. You will learn how to make a one-piece sleeve that looks and fits like a sewn-in one - neatly, without extra freedom in the armholes. See how to change the standard pattern and fit the sleeves nicely.
We will also discuss felting a jumper with a stand-up collar.
Materials and tools for top and jumper felting
We will need: merino wool (18-19 microns), sparse Margilan silk, square silk hankies and some yarn, which can be bought at every needlework store. All materials are natural, without synthetics. It will make the cloth even more pleasant to wear.

Approximate consumption of materials for top and jumper:

Top 46 EU size, length 52 cm:

Silk hankies - 25 g
Merino wool - 45 g
Silk 90 cm wide - 3.5 m

Jumper 46 EU size, length 54 cm:

Silk hankies - 40 g
Merino wool - 70 g
Silk 90 cm wide - 5.2 m

About the author of the tutorial
Katerina Korshun
Katerina lives in Italy. Felting is both a job and a hobby for her, as Katerina is a professional fashion designer.
Katerina has been engaged in felting since 2009.

First thing she made from felt was a flower that looked like a tiger lily. She was mesmerized by wool and felt. Then Katerina realized that she had found her way.

"I started to study felting: techniques and tricks. 11 years ago, the art of felting was not that much popular and any information was worth its weight in gold. I started with the simplest things."

Soon Katerina mastered scarves, took part in several art exhibitions and started teaching.
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